Reusable Toastie Bags - 5 Pack

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If toasted sandwiches are a favorite in your home, but you hate having to deal with the grease and melted cheese on your pans. If the tedious affair of having to clean them out afterward is becoming too much to bear, then you need the Reusable Toaster Bag.

The Reusable Toaster Bags makes stove grilling your favorite toasted sandwiches a thing of the past! With these, you simply load the sandwich into a Reusable Toaster Bag, pop it into the toaster and wait for it to grill to perfection. It is that easy!

Made of food-grade Teflon with fiberglass reinforcement, the Reusable Toaster Bags won't melt or warp from the heat and keeps all the messy bits inside the bag and off your kitchen counter.


  • Made of eco-friendly and food-grade Teflon + fiberglass
  • Heat resistant up to 500℃
  • Multiple applications can also be used for microwaving pizza slices, burgers, bread etc.
  • Package comes with (5) Reusable toaster Bags

The glass reinforcement make the bags highly durable for a long lifetime and makes cleaning the Reusable Toaster Bags a breeze. With its non-stick coating you can wipe melted cheese off of it with one swipe.Best of all the Reusable Toaster Bag is Dishwasher safe, so you can say goodbye to scrubbing pans clean after making your favorite toasted goodies!

The Reusable Toaster Bags are so easy to use and portable you can make grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled BLTs sandwiches, and many more virtually anywhere you have access to a toaster.  Say goodbye to scrubbing pans, and messy kitchen counters. Make mess-free toasted goodies in no time at all with the Reusable Toaster Bags! Get Your Set NOW!!

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