Electronic Air Power Soccer Disc For Kids With Powerful LED light

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  • Wind levitation technique:Pneumatic suspension technology adopted, the hover ball can float on a cushion of air produced by a powerful fan and built-in rotary motor, which makes this ball easy to glide over any smooth surface. You can play it on your home floor, flat ground.
  • Safe Material & Good protection: Made of Non-toxic plastics, with foam bumpers and soft cushions of foam surrounding the edge of the disc, which makes the ball safe enough for small kids to play with. Meanwhile, it also can protect your furniture and walls from damage.
  • Powerful LED Light in 4 side: This ball is equipped with colorful LED Lights and blink bright in darkness and also bring more fun and attraction to children.
  • Best Soccer Enlightenment education: Funny features and beautiful appearance will make your child love it at first sight, they can play it on any flat floor in door or out door.
  • Best Holiday gifts: It’s the best present for Christmas, you can play it with your children in the house in this winter.

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